Eating Through Europe: Budapest

Before leaving for Budapest, I didn’t really know what to expect from Hungarian food, however I was pleasantly surprised with the food that we ate. Once again, the best part was how cheap everything was, it made it easy to sample all the food without feeling like I was going to go broke.


Friday morning, we had no plan for breakfast/lunch, so we decided to just walk towards the baths and hoping to find something along the way. We luckily stumbled upon a small cafe outside of the Zoo (called Zoo cafe) and decided to sit outside and grab a quick breakfast. Cassidy and I both got a lemon croissant and iced coffee. The iced coffee was very different than American iced coffee, and was coffee with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup in it, delicious, but more like a milkshake than a traditional iced coffee. The whole meal cost around 6 euro.

Budapest food 1

While we were at the baths we grabbed a quick lunch. I just got pasta and a beer, while Cassidy got sausage and rice. It wasn’t a super exciting meal so I forgot to take a picture, but the ambiance was pretty nice, since we ate outside next to the main baths, surrounded by statues.

After we got back to the Air BnB we decided to find a grocery store to buy some snacks, wine, and breakfast food for the next morning, and after a quick stop to drop the groceries, we headed downtown to find dinner. It was getting pretty late and we were starving so we didn’t wander for long. We ended up at a restaurant called Platz right outside of St. Stephen’s Basilica, and since the weather was still so nice, we sat outside and enjoyed the view.

We both decided to order cocktails along with our dinner, I got the Platz Sparkling Gold which had Rum, Contreau, and Prosecco, and Cassidy got the Mango Chili Daiquiri. For dinner, I decided to go classic Hungarian and order the Goulash soup. I was hesitant to order just soup, worried that it wouldn’t be filling enough, but it came in a huge pot and with a loaf of bread for soaking so it was more than enough. Cassidy got some incredible looking Avocado-Lime ribs.

After we finished up, we walked around the corner to Gelarto Rosa for some gelato roses for dessert. I got a medium, which come with three flavors on the rose. I choose chocolate chili, tiramisu, and mocha.


Saturday was a day full of eating. We started out eating toast and yogurt at the Air BnB and then headed over to the caves. Once we got there, we realized we were still kind of hungry and got these weird pizza bread things, which were delicious, even if I’m not entirely sure what they were. But hey, it’s cheese, bread, and sausage, what else do you need?

budapest food 6

After we finished at the caves, we headed back towards the center of town, but stopped to grab a snack. I got a traditional Hungarian street food called langos. It’s pretty much fried dough, with garlic sour cream, and topped with cheese. It was incredible, and the only thing I would change would be to melt the cheese, but still pretty great. I had read about langos ahead of time and knew that I wanted to try them, and they did not disappoint.

Budapest food 7

Another snack I had read about before coming to Budapest was the Tornado potato. As I mentioned in my food post from Ireland, I’m down for potatoes in any form, so we were searching them out. We randomly found them at a hot dog restaurant by St. Stephen’s Basilica, and it was amazing. They’re basically just a potato spiralized then turned into chips and served on a stick. I’ve seen them all around Europe and was glad to finally try them.

After finishing our chips we wandered around before finding a bar called Spiler Shanghai  for some cocktails. The cocktail menu didn’t have any descriptions of the drinks on them, so we asked the waiter about them, and he asked us what kind of drinks we like and then brought us ones he thought we’d like. I had something called the Tokyo Sex and a Pimps Cup. The drinks I guess are unique to the bar and a secret recipe, so our waiter wouldn’t tell us what was in them, but they were both delicious.

After we finished drinks, we went to find dinner. Luckily we were in a really cool restaurant/bar area so we had no trouble, and ended up right down the street at Cafe Vian We decided that since it was our last night in Budapest we were going to go all out and get three courses plus wine. We started out by splitting cheesy garlic bread, which was incredible, because you know cheesy garlic bread. We also split a bottle of white wine. For dinner we both ended up going traditional and getting chicken paprikash with dumplings. I’m a big fan of chicken paprikash and this was so good, the chicken was super tender and the dumplings (which are really noodles) were buttery and worked perfectly with the sauce. For dessert I got a chocolate lava cake, which was as good as expected. The whole meal was delicious, but the best part was the it was only 20 euro each.


Sunday morning I once again had toast and yogurt at the Air BnB before heading over the zoo. After wandering around the zoo for a while I was starting to get super hungry, so I stopped and grabbed another langos, because why not.

Another food I knew I had to try before leaving Budapest was Chimney cakes. They’re more popular in Prague, but I knew that they had them in Hungary too. So after finishing up at the zoo, I walked across the street to a big park where a big market/fair was happening and was able to easily find it. It’s basically dough cooked on a big rolling pin over an open flame, and then coated in cinnamon sugar. It’s delicious because the outside of the dough gets super crispy and warm from the flame, but the inside stays doughy and fresh.

Budapest Food 14

My dinner that night was a pretty mediocre salad from the airport before my flight took off, which wasn’t the best way to end the trip, but there was more than enough good food that it didn’t matter.


One thought on “Eating Through Europe: Budapest

  1. This post is completely delicious and made me so hungry. I have never been to Budapest but this has put it up on my list. I have a guest blog spot open for great travel meals for under $5 – would you be interested in doing one?


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