Eating Through Europe: Dublin

Look, Ireland isn’t know for its food. But I was still excited when Courtney and I took off for Dublin. Because potatoes. Honestly, if I could live off potatoes, I would and Ireland is pretty much synonymous with potatoes. And overall, I was pretty happy with the food I got in Dublin.

We kicked off the first day with some crepes (because crepes are totally Irish right??) from a cafe called Lemon Jelly near our hostel after dropping of our luggage. I got the Lemon Jelly special which had chicken, salsa, cheddar, mozzarella, onions, and pepper. It could have used a little more salsa, or a different sauce, since it was a little dry, but the flavors were spot on.


For dinner we went from the Guinness Storehouse (which is basically it’s own food group in Ireland), to a restaurant called Crackbird, which is a fried chicken restaurant. If you’re looking for lighter food, this restaurant might not be the best option, as their menu is mostly wings and fried chicken. I got the Honey Habenero wings, which were super messy but good. They weren’t the best wings I’ve ever had, and they could have been a lot spicier (but I put hot sauce on everything, so personal preference), but overall it was a pretty good and relatively cheap dinner.


On Saturday we took advantage of the free breakfast offered by our hostel (which was pretty much toast and hardboiled eggs, but it was hey it was free so I can’t complain). After our walking tour we stopped at a french cafe called The Mercantile for a quick lunch. I got a Croque Madame, which was perfect after walking around all morning.


For dinner we went to a pub called Robert Reade which was literally across the street from our Hostel. There I ordered the burger, which was incredible. I’ve struggled with finding good burgers since getting to Europe and this was probably the best one I’ve had since getting here. Not sure it stacks up to an American burger, but it was pretty close, and the fries were delicious too.


Since we had to be up early for our tour to the Cliffs the next day, our hostel wasn’t even serving breakfast yet (yes, it was that early) so we had bought croissants and granola bars at a nearby grocery store, which we ate before heading over to the meeting point.

For lunch, we stopped in Doolin at a restaurant called Fitzgerald’s which serves traditional Irish meals cafeteria style. This was obviously the best, mostly because it had three different types of potatoes in one meal (the Irish know what’s up). I got a steak and leek pie with a potato crust, that came with roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.


By the time we got back to the hostel we were exhausted and not super hungry, so we stopped at a grocery store and bought baguettes and cheese, to eat at the hostel.

The next morning we ate more toast at the hostel before starting our day. For lunch we stopped at Skinflint, a partner restaurant of Crackbird. I got one of the lunch specials which included coffee, soup, and a hot pocket. My hot pocket (basically a toasted pita) was called the Maura which had serrano ham, mozzarella, tomato, and chili sauce, and butternut squash soup. The hot pocket was a little bit spicy, cheesy and warm and was so good. The soup, which had a bit of a strange texture, was super flavorful and went perfectly with the sandwich, and weird texture aside, was delicious.


Our final food stop was at Supermac’s a Dublin fastfood chain (usually attached to a Papa John’s because why not?) for garlic cheese fries. These were one of the greatest things I have ever eaten and American needs to get on it and make these available everywhere because they are magical. Think cheesy garlic bread, but with potatoes instead of bread. MAGIC. I can’t decide if I’m happy we waited until the last day to try them because if we went there first I would have eaten them every day.


Thanks Ireland



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